How we work

CKU purposefully works to support our member organizations in their international development work. This is done through in three ways:

  • Project support (management of funding, counselling, and capacity development)
  • Advocacy and networking
  • Knowledge center (learning and documentation)

These three roles are closely connected and support and complement each other. Together they contribute to the diaconal work of our members on the local level through congregations in Denmark and in the South. Likewise they support the efforts on an organizational level and in international advocacy.

In the partnership with our members, CKU sees itself as a facilitator and initiator. Members our active players who take ownership and bring their own resources to the table. This also applies to the financing of initiatives.


Project support does not simply mean that CKU provides funding. It also involves support for the preparations, design, implementation and evaluation of projects as well as capacity development, counselling, and more.


CKU is a mouth-piece for its member organizations and their representation in front of authorities responsible for allocation of funding, development forums, etc. Furthermore, we equip and support our members and their partner organizations to effectively speak up on behalf of the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Knowledge center

The purpose of the Knowledge Center is to ensure that the development efforts of CKU is professional and of high quality and the continuous development of professional tools and studies for the benefit of our members.

These are our current priorities:

  • The role of religion in sustainable development
  • The UN Global Goals as seen from the perspective of churches and church-based organizations
  • Global diaconia through transformation, reconciliation and empowerment
  • Church-based diaconia with a resource-based approach