Values and vision

The work of Center for Church-Based Development (CKU) is grounded in the Christian view of humanity. We respect the basic needs and dignity of every human being, regardless of religion, gender, convictions, race, nationality, or ethnic origin. Biblical values like mercy, justice, hope, respect and recognition are foundational in our efforts.

CKU is a binding partnership or community based on a mutual wish to share experiences and seek collaboration on areas that can strenghten the efforts of our members and partners in the South. The community promotes the recognition of church-based development and supports learning and new initiatives creating sustainable results for the benefit of the poor and marginalized.

Our vision is a world in which:
  • all human beings are recognized as equal
  • the whole human being is developed from both a spiritual and material perspective
  • every person has an opportunity to affect their own life situation
  • the capacity of communities and vulnerable groups is strenghtened so they can acquire knowledge and better their circumstances without compromising integrity or independence
  • just and democratic societal structures to govern at both a local, national and global level
  • development characterized by a responsible stewarding of natural resources and protection of the environment
  • churches and church organizations in South and North are relevant players in global networks working towards a more just and peaceful world