Types of Support

Generally speaking, the CKU fund offers support in three areas:

  • Projects: for example in relation to health, education, children’s and women’s rights. Amount: Up to DKK 1.000.000.
  • Activities: may include networking, feasibility studies, capacity building or activities that strengthen the partnership. Amount: Up to DKK 100.000.
  • Secondment of personnel: support for a short-term consultant or advisor. Amount: Up to DKK 750.000.

Read more about the different types of support in the menu (right). Here you can also download application forms and guidelines for applying.

The CKU fund supports

  • Cost of activities and local salaries in connection with the project
  • Investments that are necessary to implement the project
  • Local partners’ administrative costs related to the project
  • Audit
  • Project monitoring trip
  • Disability compensation
  • Co-funding of projects which have commitments from other donors – the overall budget and financing plans must be approved

The CKU fund does not support

  • Creating parallel structures
  • Isolated equipment supplies, vehicles, buildings and purchase of land
  • Operating expenses – however, some support can be given for start-up costs for new activities in a project. These costs must be reduced during the project period
  • Identification of partners in the South
  • Interventions whose full or partial goal is to evangelise or spread a message related to party politics
  • Projects involving only church members
  • Emergency relief