Seminar - “Volunteerism and Child Separation”

11nov09:0014:00Seminar - “Volunteerism and Child Separation”


Engaging people in the development cooperation is a high priority in Denmark and many, particularly young people, sign up to volunteer in the Global South. This is a good opportunity for getting to know the context, challenges and not least develop intercultural understanding. However, some dilemmas remain especially when working with vulnerable children and youth.

In this seminar, we will present different experiences and perspectives from global experts and from a Danish organization that has worked to develop ethical guidelines. We will also hear from young people who have been volunteers and from those who have lived in institutions and who have experienced volunteerism first-hand.

In this seminar we will hear from two international experts, Rebecca Nhep and Martin Punaks, who have lived in different parts of the world where they have seen first-hand the devastating impact that orphanage volunteerism and tourism can have in perpetuating the institutionalisation of children. They have also been actively involved in campaigns and advocacy work to raise awareness of and change these harmful practices.

The event will be online on Zoom – Please register on the website to receive a link to the seminar:



(Torsdag) 09:00 - 14:00

Åbningstider Man-fredag 9-16

Peter Bangs Vej 5B / 2000 Frederiksberg

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