Community Based Primary Health Care DR Congo

  • ID 2252
  • Medlem Brødremenighedens Danske Mission
  • Partner Moravian Church in Tanzania Rukwa Province
  • Land DR Congo

The implementing partners have worked with Primary Health Care (PHC) on the Tanzanian side of Lake Tanganyika with great results since 2005. The Moravian Church in Eastern Congo, whose members include many former refugees living in Tanzania, has invited them to DR Congo, where the health situation is even more critical. Based on lessons learned from the first attempt (2012-2017), this project seeks to empower a diverse group of civil society actors through:

  1. Strategic service delivery to health facilities in 22 villages, providing new knowledge and mobilization for change.

  2. Capacity building of community-based groups in 22 villages empowering the groups to become better organized and more capable of mobilizing the community to promote safer health behavior.

  3. The introduction of a dialogue-based advocacy method, enabling civil society in 22 villages in DR Congo to advocate for improved health services and ultimately improving the health conditions for all.

This intervention is thus an opportunity for more civil society actors in the Lake Tanganyika Region to become aware of their “right to a better life” and to be empowered to advocate for sustainable change.


Periode 05/01/2019 – 05/01/2022

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