Learning trip for project team of Mutule child protection

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  • Partner Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ)
  • Land Zambia

Advocacy for Child Justice will undertake a learning exchange visit to the DMCDD partner Organisations in Uganda and Burundi. The main objective of the visit is to learn more from Crane & Viva in Uganda and UEBB in Burundi on child participation and Income Generation Activities models. The Executive Director and Programmes coordinator will visit the two countries and will have interactions with staff and Community Groups of Women and Children whom the host organisations are working with. In Uganda we will observe how the children are participating during the camp meeting while in Burundi we will have a chance to interact with groups implementing IGAs.
The overall objective is to develop and use tested models in the implementation of IGAs and Child participation.

The learning visit to DMCDD partners will help ACJ and the community Partners develop workable models on how to mprove child participation in the planned activities – Children’s voices are vital in advocacy and awareness creation but were not strong enough in the pilot project. Manage the Income Generation Activities without neglecting the work of the Mutule Child Protection Project.


Periode 01/05/2017 – 20/01/2017

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Projekttype Miniprogram

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