Aminika. (Be reliable/be trusted) Building prophetic communities for social accountability or Faith communities in action to be a transformative force in Africa or Reclaiming civic space by the church

  • Projektnummer DMCDD-18-U-03
  • Bevillingshaver DMR-U
  • Partner
  • Land Kenya

1) Structural mobilization: OAIC will work with local partner churches to institutionalize SA. This implies working with all the structures of the church such as leadership, youth, Sunday School, etc., this time also reaching out to OIAC and DMCDD partners in Rwanda and Uganda 2) Capacity development: With contextual knowledge on relevant legislation, policies and governmental structures and mandates, each church related network will select 1-3 advocacy issues to focus on to strengthen their ability to influence duty bearers and concentrate the effort. 3) Focused advocacy initiatives: Each network will draft an advocacy strategy and Theory of Change relevant for selected SDGs and be supported through mentoring, small grants, and some might apply DMCDD pool grants. 4) Learning among north/south partners on how to involve religious leaders in SA, documentation of their comparative advantage and advocacy impact and monitoring of advocacy interventions.


Periode 11/03/2018 – 27/02/2022

Bevilling 3.900.000,00

Projekttype Miniprogram

Projektkategori U - Understøttende aktiviteter


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