FORB training for Interfaith Workers

  • Projektnummer CKU-21-TE-01
  • Bevillingshaver Baptistkirken i Danmark
  • Partner Myanmar Baptist Convention
  • Land Myanmar

“FoRB Training for Interfaith Workers” is a three-day capacity building training that aims to fill the gap of FoRB unawareness which has been polarizing the different identities and violence in Myanmar, that is, to build up and develop the awareness and related skills for the promotion of FoRB in Myanmar. The targeted participants are interfaith workers who are working in different civil societies in Myanmar. Main activities include firstly the full day training with the contents 1) Understanding FoRB, 2) FoRB Analysis: Lenses/Approaches, and 3) FoRB Integration/Application, and secondly evaluating and developing PSC’s future FoRB training contents and designs. To carry out these main activities, PSC-MBC has developed a “FoRB Training Manual” in support of Swedish Mission Council (SMC). And, by using the training manual for the first time, this “FoRB Training for Interfaith Workers” expects some concrete and practical outputs that would be helpful for further developments of the manual itself.


Periode 30/04/2021 – 30/03/2023

Bevilling 74.520,00

Projekttype ToRF-vindue

Projektkategori E - Kapacitetsudvikling og netværk