Potential Primary Health Care Project DR Congo

  • Projektnummer CKU-21-C-05
  • Bevillingshaver Brødremenighedens Danske Mission
  • Partner Moravian Church Eastern Congo
  • Land DR Congo

Survey visit to 25 villages along the Congolese coastline of Lake Tanganyika in order to collect statistics and documentation with the aim of later implementing a primary health care project in those rural areas in order to decrease common diseases and mortality of women and children by means of education and training, and to increase the quality of facilities such as water supply, maternal clinics and latrines. This area is only available by boat.


Periode 14/10/2021 – 30/11/2021

Bevilling 66.051,00

Projekttype Miniprogram

Projektkategori C - Forundersøgelse