Improvement of living conditions for the populations of the communes of Niagadina, Bamafele, Diokeli and capacity building of MFLM

  • Projektnummer CKU-21-B-11
  • Bevillingshaver Mission Afrika
  • Partner Mission Fraternelle Lutherienne au Mali (MFLM)
  • Land Mali

Building on the experience of the 2 previous phases and the recommendations given in the evaluation and feasibility study, this project will: Increase in the level of self-management of the 3 associations: Institutional and organizational strengthening will help to raise the associations' level of self-management. They will benefit from continuous reinforcement in leadership and social mobilization, and in the admin-istrative and financial management of associations. Promotion of women's rights: The strengthened capacity of the advocacy committees in mediation and legal recourse will enable them to integrate the promotion of women's rights into the daily life of the communities. Reduction of early marriage for girls; Information, sensitization of communities and their leaders, their adherence to the promotion of women's and girls' rights are the factors of sustainability for the reduction of early marriage of girls. Furthermore, this project will strengthen MFLM in their capacity to promote women´s and children´s rights.


Periode 14/11/2021 – 30/06/2022

Bevilling 196.969,00

Projekttype Miniprogram

Projektkategori A og B Miniprojekt


  • 1. Afskaf fattigdom
  • 5. Ligestilling mellem kønnene
  • 16. Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner
  • 17. Partnerskab for fred