Working towards a more Sustainable Organisation

  • Projektnummer CKU-21-B-17
  • Bevillingshaver Mission Øst
  • Partner Bridge of Hope
  • Land Armenien

The current project is planned for 12 months and will be realized in Armenia to support the further organizational development of ME's local partner BoH. The specific objective is to built the long term financial sustainability of BoH that will ensure the effective delivery of its mission towards disability inclusive society in Armenia. Among the principal activities, the capacity building in foundraising strategy, standards and procedures is key. ME will work with BOH to identify prospects, to build a fundraising department in BoH dedicated to underpin an effective fundraising, donor relations, strategy development, and networking. The final desired impact is to enable BoH to have in the midterm sustainable founds and resources to implement the mandate of the organization.


Periode 31/12/2021 – 29/06/2023

Bevilling 200.000,00

Projekttype Miniprogram

Projektkategori A og B Miniprojekt


  • 4. Kvalitetsuddannelse
  • 8. Anstændige jobs og økonomisk vækst
  • 10. Mindre ulighed
  • 11. Bæredygtige byer og lokalsamfund
  • 17. Partnerskab for fred