Enhanced solidarity and faith tolerance among religious denominations in Tunduru, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania

  • Projektnummer CKU-23-TB-05
  • Bevillingshaver International Aid Services
  • Partner Singida Town Centre Church (STCC)
  • Land Tanzania

This intervention is designed to promote Freedom of Religion or Belief in the southern parts of Tanzania mainly Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region. In this place minority have limited freedom to worship and manifest their teaching. Their rights are violated by dominant religion. The place is dominated by Muslims who threaten other denominations to take part. Those who are found are harassed, vandalised, arrested, and attacked in their places of worship. Community gathering are dominated by religious agenda. Women, girls, religious minority, disabled people and children’s rights are violated, they do not have the right to decide and change religion or belief of his choice and manifest religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching. The ultimate and primary target groups are Christians minority and Muslims majority. This intervention wants to address the problems and establish interfaith networks to bring the Muslims and Christians together and promote social unity, solidarity, respect to each other and faith tolerance. It is expected that at the end the society will come together, associate, promote religious tolerance and create conducive worshipping environment for both Muslims and Christians. It’s a initial phase of a longer term engagement.


Periode 30/06/2023 – 29/06/2024

Bevilling 495.435,00

Projekttype ToRF-vindue

Projektkategori A og B Miniprojekt


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