Progress, Education and Advocacy for Nomadic Pastoralist Women Iringa

  • Projektnummer CKU-23-B-15
  • Bevillingshaver Luthersk Mission
  • Partner ELCT Eastern and Coastal Diocese
  • Land Tanzania

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Iringa diocese (ELCT-IRD) have for some years worked with empowering nomadic pastoralist women, a marginalized minority with hight illiteracy. Whilst past interventions have been successful a range of challenges remain. A feasibility study carried out prior to this proposal showed that nomadic pastoralist women encounter many obstacles in using their new knowledge and skills due to values and norms, which prejudice against women; personal and cultural mindset barriers; lack of knowledge of rights and so forth. The project is there for a holistic intervention that will work with imparting knowledge, skills and mindset change at three levels: 1. Capacitating pastoralist women: Strengthening the skill and knowledge transfer by structuring training into two 6-week seminars over two years (outcome 1); 2. At community level: Changing attitudes/mindset in the communities enabling women to translate their learnings and skills into action. At the same time capacitating the whole community (also men) to engage in new and improved livelihood activities (outcome 2); 3. Local government: Linking pastoralists communities with local government service delivery and extension officers. The proposed project is the first phase of a two-phase project. The second phase will include an increased focus on rights and advocacy vis-à-vis local government and other duty-bearers as well as developing a model for supporting nomadic women that can be replicated in other regions.


Periode 31/01/2024 – 30/01/2026

Bevilling 499.789,00

Projekttype Miniprogram

Projektkategori A og B Miniprojekt


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