FPFK Malaba Gender Advocacy Project

  • Projektnummer CKU-23-B-08
  • Bevillingshaver International Aid Services
  • Partner Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK)
  • Land Kenya

The "Malaba Gender Advocacy" project aims to stop gender-based violence through increased organisation and engagement of civil society organizations, state actors, and other stakeholders to in Busia County, Kenya. The target groups are women, men, and school-going children, as well as CSOs, media associations, FBOs and religious leaders, state actors, hotel and lodging owners' associations, and truck drivers' associations. The main activities include sensitization and capacity building, networking and partnership, psychosocial support, an early warning system, media and policy advocacy, dialogue, and a new school-based program. The project builds on the success of a previous CISU-funded project and draws on lessons learned from stakeholders to inform its implementation.


Periode 30/11/2023 – 29/11/2024

Bevilling 498.965,00

Projekttype Miniprogram

Projektkategori A og B Miniprojekt


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