On this page you can find a list of CKU member organisations, as well as the networks with whom we cooperate.

Member Organisations

CKU – Centre for Church based Development – has a total of 36 member organisations. Together they represent many different church traditions, target groups, and ways of operating.

The member organisations work in more than 40 different countries in partnership with local church-based organisations. These partnerships are long-term; some of them go back over 150 years. The long-term partnerships mean that solid, mutual respect, trust, and willingness to listen and learn from each other has been built – a connectedness, not limited to a project period or one single project, but one which has existed before and which will also continue to exist after the projects have been completed.

Please find below a list of links to the homepages of the different member organisations, where you can read more about each organisation and the work they do (Most webpages are in Danish, but some of them have an English section)

Associated Members

Partners and Networks

CKU cooperates with relevant partners all over the world, and takes part in networks concerned with religion and development. Please find below a list of our partners and the networks, in which we take part.

Danish Partners

International Partners