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The Church & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Churches and congregations constitute some of the strongest local networks. For this reason, church organizations play an important role in achieving the UN Global Goals.

Freedom of religion or belief

The freedom of religion or belief is a foundational human right. Everybody should be allowed to practice their beliefs, change their religion, or leave their faith entirely.

Church-Based Diaconia

Center for Church-Based Development exists to support the Christian motivation to work for justice, strenghten human dignity and life conditions, and care for the creation. We believe that change is possible.

Religion and development

As many as 80 percent of the world’s population consider religion an important factor in their lives. In many countries in the global South this number is even higher. Therefore religion is an important component in the collaboration for development.

Policies and positions

In this section you will find a number of documents with guidelines for the collaboration between Center for Church-Based Development and our member and partner organizations.