Feedback and complaints

You can use this platform to raise complaints or report any suspicions regarding misconduct. It can involve matters concerning CKU’s employees, board members, project partners, sub contractors, member organisations, external consultants or other persons representing CKU. Any suspicion of misconduct or questionable behavior involving a CKU employee, representative, or regarding any project supported by CKU, should be reported to CKU.

You can submit your complaint anonymously.

Complaints are handled by a complaint committee. The committee is represented by CKU’s safeguarding officer (when relevant), a CKU employee outside of management, and a representative from CKU’s board. The principles of investigations are based on principles of confidentiality, security, legality, professionalism, independence and respect.

The complaint committee will handle your inquiry with the utmost confidentiality. However, for technical reasons, it will also be accessible to CKU’s webmasters.

All inquiries will be used to constructively evaluate practices and ensure the protection of project partners and staff receiving grants from CKU.

Please select whether your complaint concerns ‘safeguarding, ‘corruption’ or ‘other.’