CKU Fund

CKU funding comes from Danida, the development cooperation programme of the Danish government. The CKU fund must therefore follow Danida criteria for support extended through NGOs. This means that applications are assessed according to a rights-based approach, and take into account the policies and strategies for NGO support that the Danish parliament and government have adopted.

The Danish government has set down the priorities in its ‘Policy for Danish Support to Civil Society’. The objective of this policy is to “Ensure that civil society in the global South has the space and capacity to gain influence to combat poverty, promote human rights, equality, and sustainable government in an accountable, inclusive and transparent manner, in particular in favour of poor and excluded groups”. Partnership between Christian churches and organisations holds potential to strengthen the capacity of the churches to take on their diaconal responsibility. This enables them to become active and positive civil society actors, bringing lasting changes in their communities.

Who can apply for support?

  • The applicant Danish organisation must be a member of CKU.
  • The partners must have had an active partnership for at least two years.
  • The local partner cannot apply to CKU. All applications must be submitted by and developed in cooperation with the Danish member organisation.
  • From 2017 it is possible to apply for projects and activities in countries on the OECD/DAC list of developing countries

Please note: Efforts must be poverty reducing and target marginalised groups such as poverty pockets. Generally speaking, when evaluating the application, the wealthier the recipient country is, the more the emphasis will be on the efforts to benefit the poorest target groups.

Read more about the different types of support in the menu (left). Here you can also download application forms and guidelines for applying.

General framework

For each Danish member organization, the following applies:

It is possible to obtain grants up to DKK 2.5 million per calendar year.
Up to 2 applications (A and B) can be submitted for the application rounds in April and October.
A maximum of two activity grants can be obtained per calendar year.