Reports and complaints

This form can be used to issue a complaint about or to report suspected violations or criticizable conditions. In the following, a ‘complaint’ relates to matters where you yourself are involved, while a ‘report’ relates to matters where you are not directly involved.

These are exclusively matters concerning the CKU’s secretariat or the implementation and management of grant holders or member organizations.

It is thus possible to report or complain about CKU’s grant holders’ implementation and management of their CKU-funded initiatives both in Denmark and abroad, as well as about the employees who participate in the implementation of these initiatives.

It is not possible to complain about specific decisions on grants made by CKU’s grant system, as this is an administratively justified assessment. However, it is possible to complain about substantial and demonstrable errors in the case processing.

All complaints and reports lead to the opening of a case, which will be processed by CKU as soon as possible. Cases are usually dealt with by the secretariat management and a board representative appointed by the board on a case-to-case basis. In the event of complaints directed at one of the above mentioned, an additional management or board representative is included. Inquiries are filed internally at CKU. Your inquiry will be treated with confidentiality, however for technical reasons it will be available to CKU’s webmasters.

All inquiries will be used constructively in the ongoing assessment of practice in connection with grants from CKU.